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Attention all Nutritional Therapists, Personal Trainers, Osteopaths, Chiropractors and Complementary Healthcare Providers. It’s time to…

“Add Functional Medicine to your Existing Clinical Practice and get Better Client Results in Less Time, whilst tapping into Multiple Income Streams for a Six Figure income.”

Dear Practitioner,

My name is Dave Hompes, creator of The Hompes Method, a dynamic and powerful nutrition and Functional Medicine system that helps clients &patients overcome symptoms and health complaints in what I call the Seven Areas of Health:

  • Digestion
  • Sex and reproduction
  • Energy
  • Aches and pains
  • Mood
  • Sleep
  • Skin, hair and nails

Since 2007, I’ve consulted more than 2,000 clients and patients around the world, ranging from new Mums to the elderly, and from professional athletes to TV celebrities. I’ve evaluated in excess of 3,000 lab tests to help my clients pinpoint the underlying reasons for their symptoms and then helped the majority of them rejuvenate their health in the space of weeks or months. On my journey, I’ve been truly humbled by the power of functional medicine, which I stumbled upon by accident.

Between 2004 & 2007, I was experiencing chronic symptoms in six of these seven areas: my energy was low, I wasn’t sleeping properly, I had dry skin and dandruff, my libido was rock bottom, I felt anxious and irritable much the time, and I had nastyheartburn, occasional morning vomiting, stomach cramps and diarrhea. This was no way for a 32 year old, so-called “healthy” personal trainer to by feeling.

Had it not been for my poor health I wouldn’t be writing this letter because through my symptoms, I discovered Functional Medicine. Using home lab tests, I found I was infected with a stomach bacterium called H. pylori, an intestinal parasite called Blastocystis hominis and I had a toxic mold overgrowth called Aspergillus.

I had alsolow testosteroneand imbalanced cortisol levels. No wonder I felt like crap! But what a turnaround: 90-days later, 80% of my symptoms had gone. I removed the H. pylori and other bad bugs from my gut, and rebalanced my hormones using completely natural therapies.Further tests showed I had low carnitine, magnesium, potassium and selenium levels as well as a vitamin B6 deficiency. Replenishing these nutrients brought me right back up to near 95% vitality.

Within months – and after years of feeling under the weather – functional medicine helped me claim back my health. I decided to learn and achieve mastery in this area of work, and over the last seven years I’ve been able to consistently achieve extraordinaryresults with clients around the world.

I’ve written three books, grown my global clients base to establish a business that earns well beyond six-figures each year and I’m here to tell you that by following my step-by-step Hompes Method Functional Medicine system, you can do the same.

My Functional Medicine practice began with the idea that I’d like to help people who were struggling with H. pylori, just like I had been.

But five years on, from a single website and book, I have a full client base and we’re so busy from the H. pylori work alone that I’ve had to mentor other practitioners to share the workload. We now have clients in Hollywood, the FA Premier League, professional golf and more. It’s my goal to create business opportunities for as many motivated and inspired practitioners as possible.

We’re growing quickly; whether you’d like to consider joining our team, or simply using Hompes Method to augment your own independent practice, I’d love the opportunity to teach you how to use my powerful method for maximum client health results and your business and financial success.

What is The Hompes Method?

The Hompes Method is a system of Functional Nutrition and Functional Medicine designed to help your clients and patients overcome symptoms in the Seven Areas of Health, namely:

  • Digestion
  • Sex and reproduction
  • Energy
  • Aches and pains
  • Mood
  • Sleep
  • Skin, hair and nails

In seven years of clinical practice, I’ve found these to be the areas of health people complain about most.In fact, it’s reasonable to say that the majority of doctor visits around the world involve symptoms in one or more of these areas, yet western medicine with its “name it, blame it, tame it” approach doesn’t have the tools to help people with these symptoms…Are you starting to see the opportunity?

The Hompes Method Vitality Scale

Symptoms in the Seven Areas of Health develop due to a gradual – or sudden – slide down what I call the Vitality Scale. Perfect health would be reflected as a “10” on the vitality scale. Symptoms in the tend to creep in at around a “7” and by the time people are at a “6” or “5”, their energy is low, they have nagging digestive symptoms, trouble sleeping, skin complaints and/or other common symptoms.

One of the reasons I’ve been successful in helping people is that the Vitality Scale concept is so wonderfully simple to explain and easy to understand – patients really “get it.”

I’ve chosen not to work with patients who are below a “4” on the scale. I leave these tough cases to the medical system and practitioners who specialise in helping patients with more serious health challenges and diseases. This allows me to help more people, in less time, which improves my financial returns.

The Hompes Method Seesaw:
Bad Stuff Vs.
Good Stuff

Sidney Macdonald Baker, MD, is one of functional medicine’s forefathers. He has a great way of explaining why symptoms develop. He says that patients become ill because they either have an unmet need for something, or that they have an unmet need to get rid of something, or both. I’ve simplified Dr. Baker’s basic equation to:

There is too much Bad Stuff in the body (bad food, bad bugs, bad toxins and bad hormones)

There isn’t enough Good Stuff in the body(good food, good bugs, good nutrients and good hormones)

  • In order to rejuvenate our patients’ vitality and help them overcome symptoms in the Seven Areas, we simply need to help them remove the bad stuff and replace the good stuff.
  • When we do this, we reduce two key symptom and disease-causing processes: inflammation and oxidative stress.
  • These twin processes are known to be primary causes of virtually all expressions of symptoms & disease, including heart disease, cancer and autoimmune conditions.
  • So, as well as helping people overcome chronic symptoms and rejuvenate their vitality, The Hompes Method may help reduce disease risk factors.

The Olympic Rings Health Analogy

The body is a cybernetic system; in other words, it’s one ‘grand’ system made up of lots of smaller systems.The four body systems that tend to fall out of balance once there’s too much bad stuff in the body, and the good stuff has become depleted, are:

  • The Hormone system
  • The Digestive system
  • The Detoxification system
  • The Immune system

These systems are all linked together like a chain. When one falls out of balance, inevitably so do the others. I have created the Olympic Rings Health. Analogy to explain to my clients how these systems are all interconnected.

In Hompes Method philosophy, symptoms in the structures of the body skin, hair, nails, joints, nerves, muscles, bones and tendons don’t tend develop unless one or more of the four major systems falls out of balance first.

This is, of course, unless there is a genuine structural or mechanical problem – something that all you osteopaths, chiropractors and corrective exercise specialists know about in great detail! 

How To Rejuvenate The Health Of Your Clients and Patients With Hompes MethodWith Hompes Method

The Hompes Method model is very simple, and easy for clients and patients to understand:

  1. Balance the Olympic Rings so the key systems – hormones, digestive, detoxification and immune – work in harmony with one another, by…
  2. Removing Bad Stuff (foods, bugs, toxins, hormones) and Replacing Good Stuff (foods, bugs, nutrients, hormones), which…
  3. Facilitates Ascension of the Vitality Scale, which
  4. Improves and ultimately resolves symptoms in the Seven Areas of Health.

How Do You Do It?

Note: The Spring 2015 Intake is Your Last Chance To Study Hompes Method Levels I & II For The Price of Level II Only

Hompes Method Level I

“Functional Nutrition & Lifestyle Coaching

Hompes Method Level I, also known as Hompes Method Basics, is a foundational nutrition and lifestyle programme to help clients remove bad foods and replace them with good ones, whilst simultaneously optimising other lifestyle factors such as eating habits, sleep, exercise and stress management.

You’ll learn to teach your clients key “Big-Bangnutrition and lifestyle strategies that bring your patients and clients the fastest results in the shortest period of time, whilst cutting through the vast sea of misleading information on nutrition and lifestyle fed by the media and various interest groups.

The Hompes Method Level I Programme Syllabus

Hompes Method Level I contains approximately twenty-four hours of the highest quality Nutrition and Lifestyle training. The programme teaches you how to quickly implement all the nutrition and lifestyle optimisation strategies I have tried, tested and implemented over the last seven years, working with more than 2,000 clients.

The programme is divided into 8 Core Training Modules and 9 Adjunct Modules, and provides you with a gamut of resource guides and editable and brand-friendly handouts to use with your patients and clients.

In addition to the Level I Core and Adjunct Modules, I’ve included some Bonus Discussions to help you negotiate the confusing and misleading information that is currently circulating in the diet and nutrition industry. In these Bonus Discussions we look at the relative pros and cons of the main nutrition and diet programmes pervading society – you know, the ones people are promoting heavily as if to say they’re panaceas. This will help you understand when and where to implement programmes such as FODMAPS, GAPS, Low Carb Paleo-Diets, and others.

I won’t just give my opinion on these approaches, I’ll actually share with you my clinical experience of helping people either implement or avoid them! Trust me: I have some very interesting stories to tell in regard to some of these approaches!

Please click here to download the Hompes Method Level I PDF Programme Syllabus.

I can’t include absolutely every piece of Level I course information on this page!

So please click here to Download the full Hompes Method Level I Course Overview

The Brand New 2015 Hompes Method Level II Training Programme in Functional Lab Testing and Functional Medicine

  • Are you frustrated at the lack of tools at your disposal to scientifically assess why your clients and patients might be feeling unwell?
  • Are your clients frustrated with the lack of testing and care they’re receiving from their doctor and medical system as a whole?
  • Do you find it tough to get client compliance with the protocols you design because they are lacking specific reasons for following your advice?
  • Could you and your clients benefit from using cutting edge home lab tests to uncover some of the real reasons they are struggling with ongoing symptoms?
  • Would you love to learn how to interpret these tests accurately, in the context of your clients’ symptoms and history, and communicate the results to them in a way they understand?
  • Would it be of interest to you to be able to design targeted supplement protocols to laser in and address your clients’ test result findings?

Well, this is where Functional Medicine and, specifically, The Hompes Method comes into its own through the introduction of the Hompes Method Testing Toolkit.

The Hompes Method Testing Toolkit is comprised of Functional Laboratory Tests, which enable you as a clinician or practitioner to uncover the real reasons why your clients and patients are not feeling well.

Hompes Method Level II Training contains SEVEN modules that teach you how to use and accurately interpret ALL the tests within the Hompes Method Testing Toolkit.

Furthermore, you’ll be shown how to design safe and effective supplement protocols containing specific products, dosages and durations, based on your client and patient test results.

Here’s a snapshot of the content you’ll receive:

HMPT_L2_CompleteSetFunctional Lab Testing is the cornerstone of Hompes Method and enables you and your patients to smash through the frustration and confusion of not knowing why symptoms are occurring. The Hompes Method Testing Toolkit enables you and your patients uncover:

Which Bad Stuff is in the body!(bad food, bad bugs, bad toxins and bad hormones)

Which Good Stuff is missing!(good food, good bugs, good nutrients and good hormones)

Once you know exactly what you’re dealing with, you can help your clients remove thebad stuff and replace the good stuff using clinically and scientifically proven supplement protocols that have been passed down and fine-tuned from some of the world’s finest doctors and practitioners.

Patients’ Biggest Frustrations and Fears

In my experience, the BIGGEST frustrations facing patients who are feeling unwell are the lack of objective testing performed by the medical establishment and the lack of patient-centred care offered in uncovering the real reasons why symptoms are being experienced:

  • Patients are fed up with blanket diagnoses like IBS, PMS, depression & chronic fatigue
  • Patients want to know why they’re experiencing multiple symptoms simultaneously
  • Patients intuitively know there is a reason why they don’t feel well
  • Patients want to know why their treatments are not working
  • Patients are frustrated at being passed from doctor to doctor with no real progress being made
  • Patients want to know why their diet and lifestyle changes aren’t helping
  • Patients are afraid that their symptoms may worsen and lead to diseases later in life
  • Patients are annoyed that when tests are performed, they don’t receive copies & feedback
  • Patients want to run appropriate testing, and they don’t mind paying for it
  • Patients want to be guided by a practitioner who has both humanity and expertise, who can offer time, empathy and a helping hand, and they don’t mind paying for it
  • Hompes Method Level II teaches you how to fulfil these wants and needs for your patients and clients!

These frustrations are not going to go away in a hurry, and you have an incredible opportunity to help these frustrated people, whilst at the same time earning a great income.

The Biggest Benefits of Functional Lab Testing

Functional Lab tests included in the Hompes Method Testing Toolkit give you the opportunity to determine the balance of good stuff and bad stuff in your clients’ bodies.

Time tested and clinically proven supplement protocols included in your Level II training give you the opportunity to help your clients remove the bad stuff and replace the good stuff.

As you help folk remove the bad stuff and replace the good stuff, they will ascend the Vitality Scale, overcome symptoms in the Seven Areas of Health and completely rejuvenate their wellbeing.

  • Functional lab tests can mostly be done in the comfort of your client’s home
  • No clinic visits and blood draws are needed in most cases
  • This alleviates the problem of needle/injection stress
  • Your client simply mails his or her samples to the lab for analysis, or to a distributor who handles shipping to the lab
  • Samples include saliva, urine, stool, hair and finger prick blood spot
  • Results are returned rapidly – usually within 10 or so working days
  • Clients/patients receive test result copies for their reference and medical files
  • The test results are relatively easy to interpret and understand (in most cases)
  • The tests check imbalances that are rarely, if ever, considered in western medicine
  • The tests expand on certain medical tests, offering more of an in depth picture of what is going on in your patient/client’s body
  • Relevant tests nearly always uncover the reasons why your client or patient has symptoms
  • The tests don’t diagnose diseases – they merely highlight imbalances – which keeps you, as a practitioner, within your legal jurisdiction
  • The tests cut out guesswork
  • They enable you to provide laser-focused programmes for your clients and patients
  • The tests can save enormous amounts of time for your client
  • Ultimately, the tests can save your clients and patients hundreds or even thousands by removing guesswork and wasted money on ad hoc treatment protocols
  • The tests can uncover risk factors for future disease, enabling you to help your clients mitigate them
  • Most of all, the test results help reduce peoples’ anxiety and provide peace of mind that they finally understand why they’re not feeling well, and that they can do something about it

I’m sure you will agree that these are phenomenal and profound benefits in today’s healthcare environment.

On Completion of this in Depth Functional Medicine Training, You Will…

  • Walk away with a much deeper understanding of how stress affects the body.
  • Know stressors you can reduce and minimize using functional medicine.
  • Understand why it can be important to refer your clients and patients to experts who can deal with structural, mechanical imbalances and spiritual/emotional misperceptions.
  • Be a confident and proficient functional medicine practitioner who possesses the skills and practical expertise to help an enormous number of people.
  • Be able to register with a number of leading functional lab testing providers, enabling you to order tests for your clients and patients.
  • Understand how imbalances in the hormone system involving the adrenal glands, thyroid gland, parathyroid and ovaries/testes can fall out of balance and why these imbalances cause symptoms.
  • Realise just how important the digestive system is, and how digestive imbalances such as low stomach acid, poor pancreatic enzyme, liver and gallbladder function, parasites, bacterial overgrowth, Candida and other fungi create symptoms and diseases all around the body.
  • Comprehend how the detoxification system functions – particularly the liver – along and which toxin classes (heavy metals, pesticides, medical drugs and so on) tend to create overwhelm on the system.
  • See how the immune system fits in with all this, and how an over or under-functioning immune system can cause symptoms and diseases.
  • Understand how neurotransmitter balance can have a profound influence on the body’s ability to function at its peak.
  • Grasp how and why nutrient deficiencies develop, along with the symptoms and disorders that can result from the main deficiencies you’ll see.
  • Realise that once one body system fall out of balance, the other systems tend to follow, leading to multi-system imbalances.
  • Know precisely why these imbalances cause symptoms and why, left untreated, they may lead to diseases in the future (for example, how the stomach infection H. pylori is associated with elevated blood pressure and heart disease).
  • Learn how to collect and interpret a detailed client case history, symptom development timeline, food diary and biomeasures chart to help understand as much as possible about your client before you even run any lab tests.
  • Have a deep understanding of which functional lab tests to use, in which situations and circumstances, and which order to run the tests in.
  • Gain priceless knowledge on how to assess your client’s digestive function, hormonal balance, detoxification capacity, nutrient status, neurotransmitter metabolism, inflammation and oxidative stress levels, and much more.
  • Learn a simple, common sense model that helps you decide which of your clients’ imbalances to tackle first, and in what sequence to tackle them.
  • Possess advanced knowledge on how to design ultra-specific, laser-focused protocols to use with your clients.
  • Walk away with more than FIFTY pre-written supplement protocols to address key imbalances that you will see in your laboratory testing, including specific products, dosage, timing and duration.
  • Learn important strategies to help your clients if they are sensitive to specific supplements and protocols, or if they experience die-off and detoxification effects.
  • Know how and when to retest your clients to measure objectively how they have progressed by following your protocols.
  • Vastly improve your ability to communicate with your clients and patients, whilst enhancing their compliance and adherence to your recommendations.
  • Gain exclusive access to the Hompes Method Practitioners’ Facebook page where you can leverage the knowledge and experience of your fellow students and Hompes Method Master Practitioners.
  • Develop powerful professional relationships and even friendships via our Hompes Method practitioner Facebook page.
  • Learn the secrets of precisely how I developed my business model, which has enabled me to generate multiple six-figure revenue for several consecutive years.
  • Be able to implement a number of simple business and marketing strategies that enable you to rapidly grow your business, or at least grow it at a rate that’s comfortable for you.
  • Have a working knowledge of how to design a website that increases your business and income as well as showcasing your services (note that a “good looking” website doesn’t necessarily help you make money).
  • Learn how to make money while you’re asleep, whilst at the same time gaining an understanding of how to make your money work for you when you receive it.

Diagnosis & Treatment Disclaimer

As functional medicine practitioners, we do not treat specific symptoms or illnesses. This is the domain of medical doctors. Functional lab testing is designed to determine why people are unwell, and why the reasons underpinning why they may have received a medical diagnosis in the first place. Remember: The Hompes Method merely asserts to help people ascend the vitality scale and rejuvenate their health in the Seven Areas.

We don’t claim to help solve symptoms and illness, but we do help people improve digestion, improve energy levels, gain brighter skin and elevate their moods, etc.

As you’ve seen, in functional medicine we work on the basis that health challenges arise due to chronic imbalances in the body’s key regulatory systems – hormonal, digestive, detoxification and immune.

We’ve also seen that imbalances in these key systems generally develop because there’s too much bad stuff in the body and not enough good stuff.

It really is this simple in most cases and that’s exactly what functional medicine is all about – providing simple, common sense solutions to what can appear to be complex problems.

The easiest way to explain the differences between Functional and Conventional Medicine is to use a simple table.

Functional Medicine

Conventional Medicine

1. Views body as an interconnected system (Olympic Rings)

1. Mechanistic view of the body.

2. Identifies imbalances in physiology (Testing Toolkit)

2. Identifies and treats disease.

3. Resolves the underlying cause.

3. Treats symptoms.

4. Early predictor for dysfunction.

4. Later stage treatment of disease.

5. Health measured along a wellness spectrum (Vitality Scale)

5. Views health as absence of disease.

6. Identifies multiple therapeutic options (Food, Supplements, Exercise)

6. Provides few treatment options (drugs and surgery).

We don’t claim functional medicine is better or worse than conventional medicine. It’s simply an objective, scientifically validated and evidence-based alternative that has great clinical efficacy.

Does The Hompes Method Work?

Hompes Method functional medicine programmes are effective in a wide range of situations where symptoms are experienced in the Seven Areas of Health. As long as you choose to work with clients who can truly benefit from the method, it’s very rare you won’t be able to help.

Here are a handful of testimonials from clients who have experienced excellent results working with me and other qualified Hompes Method practitioners:

“With a medical background I could not understand why my health issues had been deteriorating so much – abdominal bloating, digestive disorders, weight gain, low energy, sleep problems and aching muscles and joints. But I am now able to sleep naturally for the first time in 7-8 years! My energy levels are very good and my aching joints have subsided. My abdominal bloating is drastically reduced and family & friends have all noted how much better I look. I am now in my late 70s but feel much younger and able at last to enjoy a more energetic lifestyle!”Barbara, UK (client of Jack Walton)

“My energy levels had dipped significantly over recent months, but after running some simple and affordable home laboratory tests, and following Jack’s timely and precise dietary advice & supplement programme, I am delighted to have my energy levels back!”Maxine Taupin, Beverley Hill, Los Angeles (client of Jack Walton)

“The Hompes Method has done wonders for me! People have been amazed at the amount of weight I have lost and have all commented on how good I look, especially my skin. Despite my initial skepticism, it’s very clear that behind my “2lbs a week weight-loss” there’s a lot of science and expertise. It’s a programme like no other I’ve ever experienced.”Richard Bosworth, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, UK (client of Jack Walton)

“When I contacted you, I felt as if there was no hope. After reading the information you shared with me, I began to see hope. I have now realise what we eat & the stressors we have in our life can affect our well being. I can now see and feel my dreams beginning to come true. I cannot begin to thank you for the help and enlightening information you gave me.”Arlene Chavez, Albuquerque, New Mexico.

“I have probably had stomach infections for 20 years unbeknown to me – that is certainly when my symptoms started. Dave helped me to clear it within 3 months using non-side effects herbs. Dave is the only person who has improved my bowel health in all this time.”Joyce Dallimore, Wales.

“After some simple diet changes and a supplement programme to address adrenal fatigue and a C. difficile in my gut, I am almost back to my best. I was so impressed with my results that I’ve sent my entire family to see Dave Hompes.” Pan Saladas, London.

“I have lost about 30 lbs and feel better at age 66 than I did when I was in my 40’s! The thing that I do not understand is that after all the years of GI problems I was having, not once did any of the physicians ever mention this.” Tony Harrass, Caifornia.

“I wasn’t digesting food very well and that I ran a test that showed I had a parasite in my intestine. Within only a couple of weeks my symptoms had vastly improved and my cravings for sugar had gone! Great advice and it really works.” Shane Hopper, Durham, UK (also a Hompes Method student)

“All the excess weight I was carrying has disappeared, my digestion is superb – and I am generally feeling energised and on top form.” Laura Dempsey, Bath, UK.

“I can’t believe how much better I feel already. Besides much relief in gastro symptoms, I don’t have near as much joint pain.” Lynn Dorr, Houston, Texas.

“With a few key supplements determined by some lab tests, alongside a gluten free diet, I am well on my way to a full recovery! I cannot thank you enough Dave for all of your help!” John B, Los Angeles

“After 3 months on Dave’s natural programme, I am delighted to tell the world, I feel fabulous! No more antidepressants! With H. pylori and parasites, it hasn’t been easy, but I would advise anyone reading this to give Dave a try. His knowledge is extensive; go for it!” Maggie Kernick, UK

“When I ran tests with Dave we found H pylori and another digestive infection. I can honestly say that I don’t have any chest pains and, at 31, I’ve felt better this pre-season than I’ve ever done in the past.” Darren Ward, professional footballer, UK.

“I began working with David Hompes in late 2007, and he suspected that H. Pylori lay at the root of my problems. In April 2008 I carried out a stool antigen retest and was very happy to find my H. Pylori infection had been completely cleared. Dave also helped me deal with a Giardia infection that cropped up a little later.” Cris Ramis, Southend-On-Sea, UK.

“I felt compelled to make contact with you after following your advice on diet. I have had several doses of antibiotics for H pylori. I have my energy back, I have no pain, no nausea and I feel more confident. I just cannot believe it. I am eternally grateful to you for the well-researched advice. You have given me my life back.” Anne, Glasgow, UK.

“For the first time since May I’ve not had any pain or discomfort. I’d forgotten what that felt like! I even missed an Omeprazole tablet yesterday (something I wouldn’t normally dare do) and I’ve been ok!” Mel Palmer, Lancaster, UK.

The Functional Medicine Revolution

Western Medicine’s Failings Are Your Greatest Opportunity

There is no doubt that people’s attitude towards healthcare is changing as a result of the sharing of information via the Internet and through independent media channels.

As Dr. Jeffrey Bland explains in The Disease Delusion, the public is becoming more and more aware that the current medical paradigm is not set up to adequately deal with chronic health challenges.

Sure, the medical system could save my life if I were to be hit by a car or develop a serious infection. Trust me, I’d be the first person to seek medical attention if I really needed it.

But the fact is that chronic, everyday symptoms and chronic illnesses are simply suppressed with pharmaceuticals without any hope of a true cure, and the public is becoming wise to this fact.

The failing of western medicine in dealing with chronic illness is great news for you and I, for it provides a wonderful opportunity for us to help a lot of people and build successful and rewarding businesses in the process.

Functional Medicine:
A Scientifically Valid Approach

Many people want to try alternative approaches to improving health, but they’re scared by the media portrayal of these methods because they are often branded “unscientific.”

I am quick to point out that everything we do – everything you learn as a Hompes Method student – is backed by enormous numbers of scientific studies and case histories.

The Hompes Method and indeed, Functional Medicine as a whole, is a solid andevidence-based approach to healthcare that is backed by a great deal of clinical experience and success.

That’s why people buy it – they LOVE the scientific and objective nature of functional medicine testing and the subsequent protocols that are used to address any imbalances that are detected.

Join the Functional Medicine Revolution

There is no doubt whatsoever that Functional Medicine is going to grow rapidly as a mode of healthcare because of its scientific validity. Again, if you read The Disease Delusion by Dr. Bland, you will see that the Functional Medicine revolution is already well under way.

One of my main goals in developing The Hompes Method and Hompes Method Training is to help my students and practitioners – hopefully including you – become true leaders in the growth of this wonderful area of work.

Of course I’m biased, but’s my opinion that inspired and motivated individuals have an exceptional career and business opportunity in Functional Medicine by being at the forefront of its growth.

11 Reasons Why Hompes Method Practitioner Training is ‘Different’

  • The Hompes Method provides simple explanations to complex problems – you’ve seen some of them here in the Seven Areas of Health, Bad Stuff vs. Good Stuff, Vitality Scale and Olympic Rings. People can understand this information, which encourages them to seek help and become your client!
  • Hompes Method Training teaches you theory that can be applied in a practical setting almost immediately, giving you a rapid return on investment.
  • Hompes Method Training gives you the resources and confidence to work with clients in the real world, by teaching you how to communicate with and motivate them effectively.
  • Hompes Method provides more than fifty pre-designed nutritional supplement protocols to deal with client findings from the Testing Toolkit. The protocol sheets can be edited and branded with your company logo, free from copyright.
  • Hompes Method students are able to register with the relevant laboratories in order to carry out functional lab testing.
  • Hompes Method Training provides you with innumerable resources that can be branded with your logo, free from copyright.
  • Hompes Method Training teaches you how to work within legal boundaries, by staying away from diagnosing and treating specific symptoms and conditions.
  • Hompes Method is based on a new book– ‘The Hompes Method’ – which is your main sales and marketing tool. Simply give your clients the book, and tell them you’re a qualified practitioner. The book will sell your service as a practitioner with little or no effort from you.
  • Hompes Method Training helps you develop a marketing strategy for your business, and teaches you basic sales techniques to rapidly increase your client base.
  • Hompes Method Training offers a continuing education track into different levels of competence and multiple areas of expertise such as sports performance and female hormonal health.
  • As a Hompes Method Practitioner, you are automatically given “Senior Affiliate” status to receive very generous commissions on all Hompes Method product sales and referrals.

How is Hompes Method Functional Medicine Training Delivered?

The Basic Hompes Method Level II Training programme is made up of 30 live webinars. The webinars happen twice weekly, Tuesday and Thursdays at 20:00 GMT. Here’s the format in a nutshell:

  • All content isrecorded for easy consumption should you be unable to attend the live calls.
  • Each lesson carries an MP4 presentation recording, a downloadable MP3 audio recording, a PDF document containing the slides and a selection of resource sheets with references and further reading suggestions.
  • Case studies are provided at the appropriate times to illustrate key points and enhance your learning experience.
  • The examination process involves multiple choice, short answer and case history /programme design for each of the seven main modules.

What [Specifically Will You] Learn in Your Hompes Method Level II Training[?]

You’re going to develop a detailed understanding of how to use and interpret a range of important laboratory tests individually – and in combination – to build a picture of why your patients and clients are feeling unwell.

These seven elements of The Hompes Method Testing Toolkit provide invaluable insights into Digestive Health, Detoxification Capacity, Toxin Levels, Nutrient Status, Hormone Balance, Metabolic Efficiency, Mitochondrial Function, Inflammation and more…

The Key Hompes Method Functional Lab Tests

  • Parasitology Center, inc. Comprehensive Stool Test, which is able to check for bacterial balance, pathogenic bacteria such as H. pylori, Clostridium difficile and E coli, yeast and fungal overgrowth, parasites, inflammatory markers, digestion and absorption of proteins and fats.
  • With regard to digestive health testing, I’ll also share my experience in using several other excellent tests, including the Biohealth Diagnostics 401H GI Pathogen Profile, the Genova Diagnostics’ GIEffects 2200 panel and the Diagnostechs Comprehensive Digestive panel.
  • We’ll also look at the new kid on the block, the DRG Comprehensive Pathogen Test, which includes the most comprehensive H. pylori analysis currently available, assessing H. pylori strain variation and antibiotic resistance.

I’ll teach you the pros and cons of each profile whilst sharing my experiences in using each test over the last seven years. To my knowledge, my programme is the only Functional Medicine training that goes into such detail on all these tests.

  • Genova Diagnostics Organix (Organic Acids) Urine Test, which helps you gain insight into clients’ B-vitamin status, sugar and fat metabolism, ability to detoxify ammonia, solvents and other toxins, neurotransmitter balance, oxidative damage and intestinal microbial overgrowth. This test is my favourite functional testing because it can tell you so much about why clients are not feeling well 
  • Genova Diagnostics Allergix, US Biotek & Cambridge Nutritional Sciences Food Allergy Panels, which cover two different types of immune response to food antigens, allowing you to customise your clients diet and nutrition programme and also give you an insight into whether or not they have a ‘leaky gut’… 
  • Biohealth Diagnostics Adrenal Stress & Sex Hormones Panel, which enables you to determine your clients’ adrenal health and stress response. This is critical for clients who are fatigued, have energy slumps, pick up colds and infections all the time, can’t sleep or feel anxious and/or depressed… 
  • Precision Hormones Dried Urine Comprehensive Hormone Panels, which enable you to analyse your patient’s steroid hormone metabolites, as well as the main hormones; this can provide valuable information about hormone balance in certain circumstances such as when women are taking the contraceptive pill or HRT. To my knowledge, Hompes Method is the only training programme to teach this test and interpretation. 
  • Biohealth Diagnostics and Diagnostechs Month-Long Female Hormone Panels, which provide an ability to monitor hormone levels throughout an entire cycle, giving you the ability to determine whether hormone balances exist, whether your client has ovulated, and clues as to why fertility may be compromised. 
  • ZRT Laboratory Bloodspot Comprehensive Thyroid and Vitamin D Panel, which provides the ability to assess thyroid function, including free T4, free T3, TSH and thyroid antibodies using a simple, finger prick blood test that can be performed by clients in the comfort of their own home. Vitamin D can be added to this flexible test. 
  • Nutrient & Toxic ElementTests, which can be performed using urine, blood or hair analysis. These tests reveal information on clients’ mineral levels as well as whether they have accumulated heavy metals such as mercury, lead, arsenic and cadmium, which are the underlying causes of many symptoms in our modern, toxic world. Learning how to use these tests and rectify both nutrient and toxic mineral imbalances is a critical tool in assisting clients back to optimal levels of wellbeing. 
  • Genova Diagnostics Amino Acids Panels, which can detect protein and amino acid insufficiencies and imbalances in your clients and patients. Amino acid insufficiencies can play pivotal roles in fatigue, mood and sleep problems, immune and detoxification function, not to mention skin, hair and nails! 
  • Genova Diagnostics Fatty Acids Panels, which enable you to check your client/patient’s fatty acid balance. This can be important in the context of inflammation, neurological function, mood and skin hair and nails.
  • Brand new for the 2015 Hompes Method classthe NeuroScience Urinary Neurotransmitter Panels, which help you determine and correct key neurotransmitter imbalances, including dopamine, GABA, serotonin, adrenaline and noradrenaline. These panels can be a Godsend in helping clients with chronic pain, sleep, mood and energy symptoms; they can also be very helpful in tricky irritable bowel syndrome cases and neurological complaints.

In addition to learning how to use and interpret these tests in detail, you will also be taught how to design specific protocols to rebalance abnormal test findings and track improvements in your clients.

Finally, although not central to Hompes Method, other lab tests such as fatty acid, amino acid and fat-soluble vitamin tests, as well as methods to determine toxic burden of PCBs, plastics, pesticides and solvents, is covered.

Here’s What You Get, Module By Module



“The Digestive System – Bad Bugs”, Good Bugs and More…

You Can’t Have A Healthy Body Without Healthy Digestion!

  • An overview of how the digestive system works from start to finish.
  • How parasites, bacteria and yeast/fungi affect digestive and systemic health.
  • A thorough discussion of the top ten bad bugs you’ll find when you run client and patient stool tests and how they cause problems.
  • How to accurately interpret thefive specific stool tests listed above.
  • How to design specific step-by-step healing and gut rejuvenation programmes.
  • Step one – how to remove bad bugs and bad foods that contribute to common digestive complaints.
  • Step two – how to restore digestive function by supporting stomach, pancreatic, intestinal and liver/gallbladder function.
  • Step three – how to reinoculate good bug populations using food, specific probiotics and prebiotics.
  • Step four – how to repair the stomach and intestinal lining using food, lifestyle changes and key supplements.



How To Identify & Correct Food Allergy & Intolerance

  • How to assess for food allergies & intolerances, both with and without the assistance of laboratory testing.
  • The main food allergy and intolerance symptoms and the most frequent offending foods.
  • How & why most food sensitivities occur in the first place (it’s not usually the food itself)
  • The main differences between true food allergies and other food sensitivities.
  • Understanding why people get confused about food allergy terminology.
  • The four main types of food reaction and why you may need to consider them all with your clients and patients.
  • How to use a rotation diet or rare food diet to help desensitize your clients from their reactive foods.
  • How to use a food sensitivity test to determine whether a client has intestinal permeability (a “leaky gut”).
  • Why and how the restoration of digestive, detoxification and hormonal function is so important to reducing & eliminating food reactions.


HMPT_L2_Module3_Detoxification_How Bad Toxins Disrupt Metabolism & How to Gently and Safely Support the Detoxification System

  • How toxins accumulate in the body and why they can cause symptoms.
  • Where these toxins come from.
  • How toxins can pass from the mother to her foetus
  • The major classes of toxic compounds:
    • Mercury
    • Lead
    • Cadmium
    • Arsenic
    • Aluminium
    • Pesticide residues (organophosphates & chlorinated)
    • Solvents
    • PCBs
    • Plastics (phthalates, bisphenol-A)
    • Parabens
    • Fluoride
  • The potentially damaging consequences of these toxins on health, including common, day-to-day symptoms as well as serious diseases.
  • Why toxins can prevent weight loss and fat burning.
  • How to assess toxin levels in your clients using the Hompes Method Testing Toolkit:
    • How to interpret hair, blood and urine testing for heavy metals such as mercury, arsenic, lead and cadmium.
    • Urinary porphyrin testing to check for the metabolic effects of heavy metals and organotoxins.
    • How to interpret urinary organic acid testing, which can provide invaluable insights into toxic burden and detoxification capacity.
  • How to design a safe and effective detoxification protocol.
  • When to implement a detoxification protocol in the grand scheme of your client/patient’s overall health jigsaw.
  • Why detoxification protocols must be done cautiously and managed properly.
  • How to gently support detoxification function to ensure your clients can detoxify their bodies safely.
  • When to introduce specific detoxification procedures such as colon hydrotherapy, enemas, and liver/gallbladder cleanses.


HMPT_L2_Module4_Nutrients“How To Assess and Correct Nutrient Status”

In this module, we’ll explore the different methods for assessing protein, fatty acid, vitamin and mineral status, and work through recommended strategies for safely restoring nutritional status.

  • How to assess protein and amino acid status using finger prick blood tests.
  • How to use urinary organic acids to get an idea of functional amino acid status.
  • How to correct amino acid status using non-inflammatory amino acid supplementation.
  • How to assess fatty acid balance using finger prick blood tests or full blood draws.
  • How to correct fatty acids status and the controversies and possibly pitfalls of using fatty acid supplementation (including increasing oxidative stress and suppressing thyroid function).
  • How to assess fat-soluble vitamins – A, D, E and K – using blood tests.
  • How to use a simple finger-prick blood test (ultra convenient) to assess vitamin D levels.
  • How to use hair, urine and blood testing to assess mineral status, and why each of these tests must be interpreted with great care.
  • A specific series of lessons on hair mineral test analysis, and the pitfalls associated with this most complex of tests, which can teach you a lot more than simple mineral levels, including windows into copper toxicity, heavy metal toxicity, thyroid and adrenal balance and blood sugar metabolism.
  • How to interpret the comprehensive urinary organic acids test to gain an overall picture of your client/patient’s metabolism in numerous areas:
    • Cellular energy production, amino acid status and Co-enzyme Q10 requirement
    • Fatty acid metabolism and possible carnitine deficiency.
    • Carbohydrate metabolism and early insulin resistance indicators.
    • B-vitamin status.
    • Methylation co-factor status (B12 and folic acid).
    • Neurotransmitter metabolism, inflammation and stress indicators.
    • Oxidative stress and antioxidant requirements.
    • Detoxification indicators (also covered in module three).
    • Gut dysbiosis indicators (also covered in module one).
    • Ammonia toxicity and kidney clearance (also covered in module three).
  • Specific nutrient replacement strategies using cutting edge supplement delivery methods, including transdermal (skin) and sublingual (under the tongue methods).
  • The role of a healthy gut in optimising nutritional status.


HMPT_L2_Module5_StressThe Role of Stress in Health and Disease, and How to Assess Stress Levels In Your Clients Without Lab Testing

In this module, we’ll explore the concept of stress in significant detail; I’ll introduce you to a level of understanding that is not taught in other functional medicine training programmes (that’s a personal guarantee) and we’ll look at some simple ways to gauge your client and patient’s stress level before you even get to lab testing.

Of critical importance is teaching you how to communicate the concept of stress to your clients and patients so they understand why you’re asking them to take certain steps and measures to improve their health.

  • We’ll explore the question “What is stress?
  • We’ll identify stress in all its forms, using the “Triad of Holism Integral” analogy, which considers biochemical stress, structural and mechanical stress and mental, emotional and spiritual stress.
  • I’ll teach you about biochemical stressors (too much bad stuff in the body, combined with inadequate good stuff).
  • I’ll teach you why people become mentally, emotionally and spiritually “stressed”.
  • We’ll consider how lifestyle factors such as EMF exposure, social interactions, lack of sleep and exercise can cause stress.
  • I’ll teach you some simple strategies to identify your client’s physiological stress load without the need for laboratory analyses.
  • We’ll explore the concepts of acute versus chronic stress and how our perfect short-term stress coping mechanism can cause major problems over time.
  • We’ll look at the body’s stress response mechanisms – what are they and how does they affect health over time?
  • I’ll teach you that the stress, or “fight or flight” response is much more than just the adrenaline and cortisol response involving the adrenal glands.
  • We’ll explore several different mechanisms through which the body responds to stress, including the catecholamines (adrenaline and noradrenaline), the steroids (cortisol and DHEA), fluid and electrolyte changes, nutrient distribution, inflammation and oxidation.
  • We’ll then move into module six, which explores how chronic stress adversely affects health.

HMPT_L2_Module6_Hormones“How to Assess and Correct Hormone Balance Using Functional Laboratory Testing for Adrenal, Thyroid and Sex Hormones”

In this module, we’ll explore in more detail adrenal function and hormone balance and the role of stress in dictating adrenal function; we’ll also look at the thyroid gland and thyroid hormone function. Finally we’ll explore the sex/reproductive hormones and how all these different hormones interact with and affect one another.

  • We’ll look at two different models of adrenal fatigue based on Dr. Hans Selye’s work, and the research of Ray Peat, Ph.D, respectively.
  • We’ll explore the different stages of adrenal fatigue and correlate them with thyroid function.
  • The role of the stress hormones – cortisol & DHEA – and how imbalances in these hormones can lead to weight gain, depression, headaches, low sex drive, poor sleep and many other common symptoms.
  • I’ll teach you how to assess your clientsadrenal health using salivary hormone testing.
  • We’ll explore the pitfalls of saliva testing and I’ll introduce you to a newer, potentially more accurate form of hormone testing using ultra-convenient urine samples.
  • We’ll cover thyroid function and thyroid hormone metabolism, their importance in wellbeing and how they interact with the adrenals and stress hormones.
  • I’ll teach you why medical tests for thyroid function are generally woefully inadequate and lead to confusion and frustration.
  • You’ll learn how to evaluate your client/patient’s thyroid function using a simple finger-prick blood test in combination with body temperature and pulse measurements.
  • We’ll then move onto the sex organs – the ovaries and testes.
  • We’ll look at sexual function in men and women, paying special attention to the three major sex hormones – progesterone, oestrogen (actually three separate hormones) and testosterone.
  • You’ll learn how the female menstrual cycle works from start to finish, and what can go wrong.
  • We’ll look at the signs and symptoms of sex hormone imbalance.
  • I’ll reveal to you some excellent and simple questionnaire based assessments to help you and your patients identify which sex hormone imbalances they’re likely to have.
  • We’ll explore the main reasons why hormone imbalances develop in the first place, including stress, the bad stuff and good stuff seesaw and chemical contraceptive use.
  • We’ll look at specific hormone imbalances implicated in symptoms such as low sex drive, polycystic ovaries, fibroids, acne, PMS, menstrual cramps and hot flushes.
  • You will learn how to assess sex hormone balance – progesterone, oestrogens and testosterone – using single day or month-long saliva testing (a Godsend for women!)
  • We’ll briefly cover the role of the prostate gland in male reproductive health and explore the reasons why prostate inflammation, BHP and prostate cancer may develop.
  • I’ll teach you how to help your clients rebalance these important hormones in the contexts of the menstrual, menopausal and reproductive health, using nutrition, stress management and specific and tailored supplement protocols.


HMPT_L2_Module7“The Functions & Role of Neurotransmitters & How To Assess Then Correct Them Using Functional Medicine”


In this module, I’ll introduce the main neurotransmitters and we’ll explore their functions and possible health consequences should they fall out of balance. 

  • We’ll look at the functions of serotonin, dopamine, GABA, acetylcholine and the catecholamines.
  • I’ll introduce the major neurotransmitter pathways, including key vitamin and mineral cofactors.
  • You’ll learn why neurotransmitters might fall out of balance through head injury, the use of antidepressant medications, inflammation, poor nutrition, poor gut function, toxins and recreational drugs.
  • We’ll explore how neurological function is inexorably linked with human values, meaning and purpose.
  • We’ll look at specific functional testing methods to gain an understanding of where your client/patients’ neurotransmitter imbalances lie.
  • These tests include, on a basic level, the urinary organic acids test and blood amino acids profile.
  • On a more advanced level, you’ll learn how to perform and interpret specific neurotransmitter tests using easy-to-do urine samples.
  • We’ll then cover the basics of rebalancing neurotransmitters and neurotransmitter function.
  • This is advanced module and you may not want to work in this area until you are more familiar with the gut-detox-nutrient-hormone rebalancing processes.


Special Bonus Modules
Accelerated Business & Marketing Strategies

  • Are you keen to learn how to develop a more successful consulting business?
  • Would you like to learn how to develop a more effective marketing system for your business?
  • Is it of interest to you to learn how to develop a range of products and services that earn you money while you’re asleep?
  • Would you like to learn how to quickly add at least three new income streams to your business?

If so, you may like to know that I’ve added some great bonus modules to help you accelerate your business growth!

bonus_small“Learn The Basic Principles of Marketing& Sales to Grow Your Practice Faster and With Less Stress.”

No matter how good you are as a practitioner, if nobody knows about you, you can’t and won’t be successful.

Having spent more than £25,000 on business and marketing education, not to mention hours of experimentation, trial and error, I’ve come to understand marketing and sales in a way most practitioners and practice owners never do.

I’ve successfully been able harness the power of the Internet – Google, Facebook and YouTube, along with public speaking and writing to build a worldwide phone and Skype practice, which some months brings in £25,000 – £30,000 in revenue.

I find that many practitioners in all industries, but especially the complementary health industry, struggle because they don’t market themselves effectively.

I do NOT want you to be in the same boat!

So in this bonus module, I’m going to teach you:

  • Why, in my opinion, it is very important to become an expert in a specific niche rather than trying to help every person with every problem.
  • Why it’s critically important to clearly define the type of client or patient you want to work with (trust me, this will save you a lot of time, energy and money in the form of refunds!)
  • How to come to a clear understanding of the value you are offering your clients and patients.
  • How to communicate to your potential clients the level value you are offering (how much is it worth to them to get the results they so crave?) This will help you attract higher quality clients and earn more money per client.
  • Essential marketing strategies that could realistically help you double your client base and income inside three to six months.
  • How to package your services to help leverage time and increase cash flow.
  • The “Anatomy & Physiology” of a perfect website that not only looks good and highlights your skills and credibility, but also makes money for you! (Note: your website is one of, if not the best tool you have for generating enquiries and business).
  • How to quickly create information products such as e-books, CDs and “e-courses to boost your profits while you sleep…and if you don’t have these products, how you can leverage other people’s products to earn “sleep-money” for you and give you more freedom of time.
  • How to use Public Speaking & Teleseminar events to make more money in 60-minutes than many practitioners do in a month.

STOP: If that’s not enough, I’ll also teach you the principles of my entire H. pylori business model from start to finish, including how I get traffic to my website, how I capture email addresses to build a 25k-strong database, how I automatically send out hundreds of emails per day to my database, and how I create income from it, ranging from $14.95 e-book sales all the way up to $700 stool test and consulting packages.

It took me years of experimentation, trial and error, plus a lot of financial expenditure (and pain) to finally settle on this model, and it’s the one that has enabled me to live abroad for a year in Barcelona whilst traveling widely to pursue my studies.

Seriously, to a practitioner who is serious about building a successful business, this bonus is worth the entire course tuition fee on by itself.

Why People LOVE Functional Medicine and WhyYour Business Will Grow Rapidly!

Clients and patients LOVE Functional Medicine!

  • First, clients tell me that working with my practitioners and I is often the first time anyone they have had someone taking the time to listen to them and attempt to truly understand their situation.
  • Second, clients fall over each other to do the lab work because at long last, someone is helping them get to the bottom of why they don’t feel well!
  • Third, clients are inspired when they finally see lab results that explain why they’ve been feeling unwell, sometimes for years or decades.
  • Fourth, clients love the simplicity of the functional medicine supplement protocols. Rather than taking supplements on an ad hoc basis, they have a clear set of data to explain precisely why they have been asked to follow specific recommendations.
  • Fifth, once they see the results of their functional lab testing and realise how much is going on in their bodies, clients become highly motived to be compliant in their programmes, which means that you achieve better results. This, in turn, helps you grow your reputation.

It’s not uncommon for our clients to refer one or even two and three new clients – these people are often family members or friends.

This word of mouth referral is the best form of marketing and helps businesses grow in double-quick time, and with minimal cost! In fact, you’re getting paid to attract more clients, by getting results with the ones you already have.

An Opportunity to be Part of Our Team

The Hompes Method can be used independently– simply apply the method in your own practice to your heart’s content. In fact, it’s designed to be integrated with your current way of working.

We also have opportunities for the right practitioners who, in the future, might want to join our team.Our list of projects, and our client base, is expanding all the time.

Practitioners who are interested in digestive health and female hormone, in particular, and who are certified at Hompes Method Levels I and II, will be offered opportunities to work within the organization and/or receive client referrals from us.

The Hompes Method Education Track

The Hompes Method Education Track extends beyond Levels I and II. In fact, the full Education Track moves through different levels and expertise:

  • Level I – Hompes Method Basics Functional Nutrition online programme.
  • Level II – Hompes Method Functional Medicine.
  • Level III Hompes Method Advanced Training modules, including Female Health, Cardiovascular Health and Sports Performance.
  • Level IV – Advanced Sales and Marketing for Practitioners, Consultants and Clinics.
  • Level V – Functional Medicine GURU Blueprint and Private Mentoring

Previous levels must be completed prior to commencing the next level. In other words it is a pre-requisite to have completed Level I before taking Level II, for example.

Hompes Method Student Testimonials

“Dave Hompes Functional Medicine training course is the single most useful course I have ever done and I’ve done a lot! It neatly wove together all the theory I’d ever learnt with the practical experience I had from working as a biofeedback and Chinese medicine practitioner over 10 years. I also learnt so much new and invaluable information that Dave taught in a really down to earth way, sharing his own experiences freely which really helped to illustrate the work and bring it alive. I was able to use what I was learning immediately and apply this new knowledge to my work within a few weeks of starting the course. The Hompes Method has given me the most powerful tools possible to really support people in transforming their health. Thank you Dave!”Sara Bayley (Brighton, UK).

“Hompes Method Functional Medicine has added fantastic value to my business – value in terms of the quality of service I can provide to my clients and the results they can achieve and also in terms of subtly changing the way I run, promote and market my services. The course has been the perfect first step for me into Functional Medicine and laboratory testing. The depth and range of topics is fantastic and compliments my current work with exercise, nutrition and structural integration. I can honestly say that each of my current clients would benefit from the tools I gained through Dave’s teaching, whether that is investigating stress and adrenal health, hormonal balance and female health or gut health and how to eliminate parasites. The key to all this is how Dave helps you to implement all this into your practice quickly and efficiently: these are not course notes that sit idly on your shelf. Thanks Dave.”Jack Walton, CHEK Level I, Metabolic Typing Advisor, Bowen Therapist, Poliquin Biosignature.

“This course surpassed all my expectations. I have gained a vast amount of information and additional skills that I will and have been able to implement. Knowledge gained from this course and further discussions with Dave have not only improved my health 100% but also the health of my personal training and nutritional therapy clients. I am far more respected by my clients and I feel with my increased health and energy levels I am able to further my earning potential and increase the consistency of my results and thus increased my referrals. Dave’s teaching style has been great throughout and any questions asked by myself or anyone else in our group, he has been able to give honest, helpful and accurate answers. I will definitely be looking out for future courses!”Steve Grant (London, UK); CHEK Level I, Nutritional Therapist, Poliquin Biosignature.

“I have worked with Dave with some of my clients so I was excited when he discussed his Functional Medicine course. I have not been disappointed. His teaching has been thorough, practical and most importantly applicable. I have already helped several clients and have seen my business start to grow in a new direction, which perfectly complements what I already do. There are so many laboratories and different tests/protocols, it has been extremely beneficial to understand the benefits of each and how and when to use them successfully. Can’t wait until the next course!”Marc Faupel, London: CHEK Level I, Poliquin Biosignature.

“I look forward to the teleseminars every week. My training as a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner is almost at an end and I have found that Dave’s enthusiasm and passion has helped to piece the whole picture together. The knowledge that I have pained has given me the confidence to move forward and start my new business with a greater understanding of tests (and their interpretation), enabling me to offer my clients an invaluable service. Thanks Dave – when’s the next course?”Anne Mills, Essex, UK: Nutritional Therapist

“Dave’s passion for functional medicine and knowledge of key hormones and digestive function was amazing. Something I aspire to! If you want to learn more about how to apply lab testing into your practice attend Dave’s course as you won’t be disappointed. All the sessions are even recorded so you can replay as often as you like and learn in layers like I did.”Tom Smith, London: Osteopathathy student, NMT, CHEK Exercise Coach, HLC1

“This course is a fantastic introduction to Functional Medicine and the benefits of using laboratory testing for a whole body approach to healing. David delivers the course in a relaxed, easy to understand format. Each session is packed full of great case histories, practical guidelines and thoroughly referenced scientific content. This course is much more than simply learning the facts, David has taken me on both a personal and professional journey to further discover how I can help and improve the health of not only my clients but also myself. I have been struggling with health challenges for the last 10 years and in spite of all my knowledge and experience in the fields of health and nutrition I was struggling. David taught me how to use the Functional Medicine testing on myself first and foremost, unlocking the doors to many health roadblocks. I can honestly say that I am in the best health of my life! I am deeply grateful for the opportunities the course and David have opened for me and can now see a practical way to grow my business financially whilst offering huge value and benefits for my clients. I would recommend this course to any holistic practitioner and urge you to take advantage of this fantastic opportunity.”Karen Maidment, Gloucs: CHEK Level I, author of “Meals That Heal”.

What Are The Tuition Fees?


Since 2003, I’ve paid around £20,000 ($32,500) and invested an immense amount of time to gain the knowledge that I’d like to share with you. I’ve studied with The Demartini Institute, Dr. Dan Kalish, Functional Medicine University, the Institute For Functional Medicine, the C.H.E.K. Institute and Ray Peat, Ph.D

That’s on top of my Bachelor and Masters degrees in Sports Science, and the 500 or so books I’ve read over the last half decade.

What’s more it doesn’t include the vast amount of time and money I’ve spent studying business, marketing and sales with familiar names like Tony Robbins, Blair Singer, Robert Kiyosaki, Eben Pagan and T. Harv Eker.

Of course, I’m not asking you to pay anywhere near thetens of thousands I’ve invested as it defeats the whole object of the exercise.

People need your help, and as we grow as an organisation, we will need an army of practitioners to take on our own client load.It’s simply my goal to train more practitioners to help more people, and my hope that one or two of you to join us to help drive our projects forward.

I really want to make this programme as accessible as possible because I know that you’re going to derive enormous benefit from the training. In fact, I believe this programme will change your life and transform your business.

A Brutally Honest Programme Comparison

  • As you may know, there are several Functional Medicine training programmes. I’ve personally studiedsome of these programmes and can tell you this: they are all GREAT programmes in their own right!
  • What I’ve done is take the best bits from these programmes whilst discarding the parts I didn’t feel were as effective as they might be, and I’ve tweaked and remodelled some of the principles whilst adding my experience of working with more than 2,000 patients from around the world.
  • Fees for a three to six month programme tend to be in the region of $2,195 for “theory-only courses” without the detailed test interpretation and specific healing protocols, to $10,000 or even $15,000 in some cases.
  • It’s my opinion that you do not need to spend this much money to become highly skilled as a functional medicine practitioner and I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the investment I’m asking for delivery of the July 2015 Hompes Method Functional Nutrition and Functional Medicine Trainings.

So Let’s Wrap This Up…
Enroll on the 2015 Hompes Method Programme and Receive…

  • Access to the Brand New winter/spring 2015 Hompes Method Level II training programme, delivered LIVE by me, Dave Hompes.
  • Unlimited online access to the recorded materials for a 12-month period.
  • Downloadable in PDF, MP4 & MP3 format to facilitate optimal learning.
  • More than FIFTY different proven supplement protocols – complete with product names, dosing, timing and suppliers.
  • Editable and brandable hand outs to use with your clients and patients.
  • All exam marking and feedback included in your tuition fee.
  • Seven core modules teaching you how to assess and correct digestive function, food allergies and sensitivities, detoxification function, nutrient status, stress, hormone balance and neurotransmitter metabolism.
  • Complete guidance on how to manage adversesupplement reactions.
  • Full registration with relevant laboratories so that you can begin using the functional laboratory testing as soon as you are comfortable.
  • Unlimited lifetime access to the Hompes Method Practitioners’ Facebook discussion group – a special closed group for HMPT’s only.
  • Priority notification of, and access to, special offers and discounts on future trainings and products.
  • Preferential affiliate commission rates for all Hompes Method products and services when you refer a customer or client.

What Is The Tuition Fee?

At my usual hourly rate of £250 ($375) per hour, thirty hours of Hompes Method Functional Medicine Training would be charged at £7,000 (around $11,000), but I hope you can see that money is not my main driver for wanting you to take this training.

So, the tuition fee for the Hompes Method Level II Functional Medicine Training, including the brand new 2015 programme delivered LIVE, and 12-month access to all materials, exam marking and certification is just £1,495 (+ VAT if you are live in an EU country), which equates to approximately $2,295 in US dollars.

“I’ve saved the best part ’til last”

As a very special bonus, and for the 2015 intake only, all new registrants on the 2015 Level II Functional Medicine training will automatically be enrolled into the Hompes Method Level I Functional Nutrition training. As a reminder, this online functional nutrition training will teach you:

  • How to evaluate your client’s health history and symptom pattern using the Hompes Method initial assessment.
  • How to assess food diaries to determine how dietary influences may be causing symptoms in the Seven Areas of Health.
  • How to identify possible food sensitivities without conducting lab testing.
  • How to communicate with your client that eating habits and food choices must be changed in order for them to get well.
  • How to effectively communicate why medical drugs and nutritional supplements won’t bring long term wellbeing on their own.
  • How to identify key stressors such as excessive exercise, lack of sleep and emotional stress in your clients that are likely contributing to symptoms.
  • How to get your client to increase perceived value on his or her health within ten minutes.
  • The key foods clients generally need to avoid in order to improve wellbeing and vitality
  • How to replace these foods with tasty alternatives.
  • How to incorporate super-foods such as bone broths, gelatin and coconut oil into the diet
  • How to save time on cooking and meal preparation.
  • How to negotiate pitfalls when eating out.
  • How to ensure clients achieve stable blood sugar – a necessity in any health-building programme.
  • Why eating red meat too frequently may inhibit healing.
  • Why oily fish, nuts and seeds can block progress in some cases.

…and much more.

To read or download the Hompes Method Level I Training programme Curriculum in a new web window please click here.

Please note that your enrolment on the Hompes Method Level I Functional Nutrition programme as a standalone training usually would usually carry a tuition fee of £695 (approximately $1020) – but you will receive FREE enrolment with the package I am offering right now. That’s an entire additional training programme valued at £695 ($1020), at no additional investment when you enrol today.

Enrol Now and You’ll Also Receive These Additional Bonus Gifts:

  • A FREE copy of my acclaimed 232-page H Pylori Diet PDF e-book, worth £9.95 ($15)
  • A FREE copy of my 250-page H. Pylori: From Heartburn To Heart Attacks Book, valued at £9.95 ($15)
  • A FREE copy of my 5 hour H. Pylori Secrets DVD footage, worth £29.95 ($48)
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How Many Places Are Available?

  • Because of the time allocated to exam marking, feedback and administration,we must limit the class size to 25 PEOPLE, with places granted on a first come, first served basis.
  • Once those 25 places have been filled, enrolment will be closed until the next class. Note that future enrolments are likely NOT to include both the level I and II trainings in the same package and this will almost certainly be the last time I offer the two levels together.

A Quick Summary of What’s Included

  • The 2015 Hompes Method Functional Medicine Training programmebegins on Tuesday July 28th, 2015, delivered live by me, Dave Hompes.
  • You’ll receive detailed training in SEVEN modules: digestion, food sensitivity, detoxification, nutrient replenishment, stress, hormones and neurotransmitters.
  • Each lesson is recorded to enable you to consume the information should you not be able to attend the live trainings for any reason.
  • Your tuition fee includes all exam marking and feedback.
  • The single tuition fee includes the Hompes Method Level I Functional Nutrition training programme, giving you two courses for the price of one.

My Cast Iron Guarantee

If you’ve read this far, chances are you’re interested in joining us for the spring/summer Hompes Method Training Programme.

If that’s the case, I’m thrilled to have the opportunity to work with you.

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I’ve never been asked to refund a place on my trainings, but if for any reason you are not satisfied with the materials within 30-days, I’ll refund every cent or penny with no questions asked.

How to Reserve Your Seat

There’s no better time than right now to TAKE ACTION to start improving your success with clients and patients and I believe my Hompes Method Functional Medicine Training program is simply the easiest, most powerful way to do it.

By reserving your seat on the 2015 Hompes Method Functional Training programme, you’ll receive access to:

  • LIVE and recorded access to the Spring/Summer 2015 Hompes Method Level II Functional Medicine Practitioner Training valued at £1,495 ($2,180)!
  • Access to the Hompes Method Level I Online Functional Nutrition programme and certification valued at £695 ($1,020)!
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  • My Special Bonus e-book and DVD materials package valued at more than £70 ($110)!

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By taking these combined trainings you will:

Remember this training starts on July 28th, 2015. It’s a great deal, and this is the last time you will be able to enrol on the Hompes Method Level I and II programmes for one, low combined tuition fee.

By taking these combined trainings you will:

  • Gain a detailed understanding of why your clients and patients become unwell, and be able to clearly communicate this with them.
  • Accurately interpret a range of functional lab tests in the context of your client’s health history and symptoms.
  • Fine-tune your ability to effectively communicate these results to your clients.
  • Implement safe and effective, targeted supplement protocols to enable your clients to overcome symptoms and rejuvenate their health.
  • Receive a multitude of tools that help you develop a successful and profitable consulting service that helps an ever-growing number of clients and patients.

If you have any questions whatsoever about this programme please contact Charlotte Phelps at


More Client Testimonials From work Done By Hompes Method Practitioners

These testimonials are from clients who worked with practitioners who have worked with Hompes Method trained practitioners.

Errol Creary, UK

I approached Dave Hompes because for many years I had problems with my digestive system. After some background research I chose the Hompes Method Program as I was 100% certain it was right for me and I decided to start the 90 days stomach cleanse program. Right from the start of my protocol the relationship I had with my consultant Chris Salmon was excellent. Via Skype every week we built up a Rapport very quickly and any niggles or issues I had he was always available for an impromptu chat or on an email. The approach was always informative either from my consultant or on the Hompes Method Weekly Lessons which both helped me a great deal. With a Great deal of discipline on my part and the guidance of my consultant I started to experience the changes I was hoping for with my energy levels, mental sharpness, digestive problems and sleeping patterns all improved. In Total I spent 120 days on the The Hompes Method Program and I found the experience worth every penny as from the initial testing to diagnose my symptoms, the methodical informative approach from my consultant who was always on hand to solve any issues to the retesting at the end of the protocol. All of this saw my symptoms improve for the better changing my lifestyle in the process. I would definitely recommend the program to anyone who has any problems with their stomach as all of their information is presented in a credible manner and their approach to the task in hand is of the highest order resulting in a high chance of the symptoms being eradicated.

Bob Benedetti, New Jersey

“Jack gave me the power to be confident about my health. Now all that he taught me is part of my life.” – Bob B, New Jersey.”

When 76 year old Bob, from New Jersey, contacted us he was struggling with a variety of nagging symptoms that were a) reducing his quality of life and b) causing concern about his future. He’d been experiencing some of these symptoms for many years, and had just been told he was “getting old.” But we don’t believe the aging process should automatically lead to symptoms and reduced quality of life, and we encouraged Bob to let us help. Bob was struggling with, gastritis, sharp abdominal pains, gas, excessive burping, bloating, lower back pain, athlete’s foot for last 14 years, night leg cramps, anxiety, tension headaches, sleep disturbances, waking 2-3 x per night, cravings for sweet food. Previously, way back 1958, Bob has been diagnosed with the parasite Toxoplasma and had been taking medications ever since for glaucoma. It had actually been over 10 years since he had been in good health, when his initial digestive symptoms started. Bob’s initial stool test showed he was playing host to the following bad bugs: H. pylori, Serratia marcencens and Candida overgrowth. His stool sample also showed that he was not digesting food very well, and this was reflected in low nutrient levels identified with his own tests (especially vitamin D). Bob worked with Hompes Method practitioner Jack Walton for eight months. Bob optimized his nutrition by removing bad foods such gluten, cow’s milk and soy and replacing them with healthier alternatives. He also worked on specific strategies to help him optimize his sleep and hydration. Bob worked diligently on specific herbal protocols to remove the bad bugs detected in his stool test, support his ability to digest food and repair his intestinal lining. As well, Bob gently supported his liver detoxification and urinary tract health using very specific nutritional supplement protocols. Bob’s health began to improve steadily, and by the end of his eight months working with Jack, he had:

  • Reduced his supplement intake by 50%, saving a lot of money
  • Completely resolved his sharp stomach pains and gastritis (within the first 30-days)
  • Completely resolved his excess gas, belching and bloating.
  • Eliminated his back pain
  • Completely resolved his athlete’s foot after 14 years
  • Resolved his leg cramps within three weeks.
  • Reduced his anxiety.
  • Resolved his tension headaches.
  • Improved his sleep (only waking once per night rather than 2-3 times).
  • Controlled his sweet cravings.

As you can imagine, Bob was pretty pleased with his progress and outcomes. This is what it meant to him, in his own words: “About a year ago, I was again searching for relief of digestive symptoms that had overtaken my life. I just didn’t feel well and had a strong desire to feel better. I was searching for relief of a variety of problems, that is, gastritis, gas, bloating, excessive burping, abdominal and low back pain, sleep disturbances, sweet cravings, etc. I was always trying to figure out what it was I ate or didn’t eat that was making me feel so poorly or could I find a supplement or supplements that would solve these issues. Could there be a link to all of these symptoms? While I could find lots of information on the Internet, I didn’t know if it was correct for me or how to use any information to my benefit. After much frustration and investigation, I finally found and further investigated the Hompes Method. After reading and studying this material, I believed that this method could help, and it did! However, the key to my success with the Hompes Method to try to attain a healthy digestive system was only due to being paired with Jack Walton whose personal guidance enabled me to reach my goals. Jack is an intelligent, competent, nonjudgmental and caring professional. I owe my success to his ability to take me through what I needed to do. How did this happen? The Hompes Method provides many videos, supplemental information, and a myriad of resources in easy to understand formats and they use the Olympic Rings analogy to explain that all areas of the body and these symptoms are linked, and that they are the result of too much “bad” stuff and not enough “good” stuff being in the body. Jack carefully explained all of this, and after a health history, he thought my vicious cycle could be reversed. First he tested (stool and lab). Based on this labwork, symptoms, and history, as well as using ongoing support from online sources, he followed a week by week strategy to optimize my nutrition, to provide anti-microbial, anti-fungal and stomach cleanses, and to support liver, digestion and hormones, to take biomeasures for cellular metabolism and to utilize a food diary with specific guidelines just for me. Everything Jack provided to help solve my digestion symptoms was beneficial because Jack is an extremely patient and skillful practitioner. The ultimate goal was to equip me with skills to tune in and adapt my diet towards my changing needs, and to enable me to monitor as well as implement these many, many strategies. Goal met! Jack gave me the power to be confident about my health. Now all that he taught me is part of my life. I would like to thank Jack for walking me through this program, not only for all the things he did for my digestive health, but also for all the things that “popped up” during our time together. I sincerely appreciate his time, expertise, compassion, kindness, and care. I also plan on checking in with him in the future. I am most grateful for all Jack did for my health and for me.”


41 year-old Melanie, from Oregon in the U.S. was struggling with a whole range of unpleasant symptoms, including indigestion & upper abdominal discomfort, bloating, constipation, diarrhea, belching after meals, gas, lack of “robust” energy, scalp and facial acne, difficulty concentrating and focusing on tasks and aching joints. She was also missing periods, had a very low sex drive and had been diagnosed with a thyroid condition and a hormone imbalance called oestrogen dominance, which we see a lot in both our female and male clients when we run hormone testing. Her morning temperature and pulse were 96.7 degrees Fahrenheit and 63 beats per minute, respectively (we like people to be at 97.8 and 75-80 as this indicates optimal energy production in the body; a low temperature and pulse indicates under active thyroid and compromised energy production, which can lead to virtually any symptom in the body). Her bodyweight was 148 pounds. Melanie’s stool test revealed that she had Candida overgrowth, as well as bacterial overgrowth (Enterococcus), as well as white blood cells in her stool, which indicated that her immune system was actively fighting something in the gut. Melanie worked with Hompes Method practitioner Jack Walton for 120 days. Following specific protocols to remove bad bugs whilst optimizing digestion, reducing gut inflammation and supporting immune function, Melanie’s indigestion and upper abdominal discomfort completely disappeared to a point where she wasn’t even aware of a problem in that area of her body. Her alternating constipation and diarrhea resolved completely, as did her bloating, belching and gas. Remarkably, after 60-days, Melanie’s periods returned, without any breast tenderness or cramping, which had previously been problematic. Her cycles were still slightly irregular but her mood stable, with no anxiety, low feelings or irritability. Her skin condition also improved markedly. Melanie’s temperature and pulse increased to 97.4 degrees and 78 beats per minute, respectively and she lost 9 pounds of stubborn body fat. The improvement in these measurements was matched by a significant elevation in her energy levels and she was able to work 5-6 days per week instead of just 3. Melanie’s sex drive came up slightly, and she felt some improvement in her arthritic symptoms, too. All in all, she was delighted with the results, and continues to maintain her new, healthy lifestyle. Here’s what Melanie had to say: Jack, I want you (and Dave) to know how much I appreciate your program and all you have done for me. One year ago, I had the opportunity to buy the business I now own, but I was too weak and ill to be able to do that. Now, with your help and guidance and some hard work, I was able to trust my gut (I had to heal my gut to be able to trust it!) and jump when the opportunity came around again. I don’t know where I would be if I hadn’t found your program online. I had come across much of the information in various places on the Internet, but couldn’t make sense or practical use of it. But your system laid it all out in such an organized, cohesive manner, that it made implementation easy and of course, having personal guidance made all the difference. I’m glad the initial program was for a few months as it gave me time to make sustainable changes, instead of just a passing protocol. Now these methods are a part of my life, they are my foundation for health. You not only helped me to find health again, but you helped give me the power to be in control of my health again. All the doctors I had worked with seemed to like to keep me in the dark and act as though only they could hold the keys to my health, but you shined the light on everything. I find it amusing that I had to get in touch with someone halfway across the world to help me…yay for modern technology! Because without it I would be stuck with the backwards way of “practicing medicine” in my rural area. You have done more for me from thousands of miles away than any of the practitioners that I have seen in person. Jack, you were my rock. Thank you for getting me through this. For everything you have done for me and my health, I am truly, truly thankful.

David, Portsmouth, UK.

David, a very active gentleman in his 60’s, ordered a stool test because he’d been struggling with a wide range of symptoms for some time, including painful muscles & joints (finger and knee stiffness), nasal drip & mucus, mild asthma chest pains, heartburn, a skin condition (hives), bloating, gas, belching following meals, abdominal/intestinal pain, mood problems, sleep issues (this was really bothering him) and lower than ideal energy levels. David’s stool test revealed a whole range of bad bugs residing in his gut. David was playing host to Staphylococcus aureus, H. pylori, a fungal overgrowth and Blastocystis hominis. In other words, he had FIVE different potentially bad bugs – no wonder he wasn’t feeling in top shape. Furthermore, David was also not digesting protein properly and he’d had his gallbladder removed several years earlier. It’s fair to say that we had a fair bit of work to do! The first step was to straighten out David’s eating habits using “Hompes Method Basics” nutrition and lifestyle recommendations. David then followed a strict anti-parasite and anti-fungal herbal protocol for 60-days. He then followed a protocol to address H. pylori. Recall David’s symptom list and look at the progress he made, in his own words: I’ve had no real problems with my asthma, my chest pains and heartburn have gone, I haven’t had hives for a while, my bloating and gas have improved, my sleep and mood have improved vastly and my energy is good. David was grateful for the stool test we did, as he may not have discovered why he’d been feeling under the weather. He did a good – no, a great job – in following the eating plan and the protocols laid out for him and it’s testament to his commitment that he achieved such exceptional results.

Wanda Jywra

Wanda, from Ontario in Canada, contacted the office having experienced gastric problems for more than a decade. In her own words, “One of the problems that I had was that my stomach is always full of acid and whatever I ate, I just vomited all the time. I just thought that my stomach is not favorable to almost all kinds of foods. Taking doctor’s prescription makes it worse after the end of few days because the antibiotics are too strong.” We referred Wanda for a comprehensive stool test and the results were eye opening. She had H. pylori, a strong Candida overgrowth, pinworm and a protozoan parasite called Endolimax nana. She had high levels of fat and undigested protein in her sample, along with low pancreatic enzymes. If that weren’t enough, Wanda also had high sIgA levels, indicating that her immune system was hyperactive and raising a response to something in her gut (probably the Candida). Finally, there was mucus in her stool, indicating damage and degradation to her delicate intestinal lining. With a carefully designed diet and nutrition program, and a series of protocols to rebalance Wanda’s digestive microbes and repair her digestive system, the vast majority of her symptoms had subsided. Wanda sent us a lovely email, saying, “I am glad that I took the stool test and joined the Hompes Program. The Program helps me what I needed to do and to choose the right kinds of foods, so now feeling better ever since. Thank you Dave, Chris and all the team.”

Barbara Ivall

testimonial5A former nurse in the U.K. National Health Service, Barbara contacted us because she was getting frustrated with the healthcare system. Now in her late seventies she’d experienced a plethora of health challenges over the years, including nausea, gas and belching, pain and discomfort in her digestive system, severe tummy bloating, mouth ulcers, food sensitivities, migraines, poor sleep, a burning sensation in her arms and legs, a “lazy” gall bladder, non-alcohol fatty liver disease, skin conditions and chronic cold and flu-like symptoms. We began, as we always do, by helping Barbara improve her basic nutrition and lifestyle habits. We gradually helped her optimise her food intake, meal times, blood sugar levels and other critically important factors. We then ran a stool test to check Barbara’s digestive health. The test result immediately identified some areas that required attention. She had a Candida overgrowth and, in terms of her good bugs, a very low Bifidobacter level. We could also see that Barbara had low elastase I levels, which indicate poor pancreatic enzyme production and secreation. Furthermore, elevated triglycerides, total fat and cholesterol in her stool showed she wasn’t digesting dietary fat properly. Remarkably, by working to resolve her Candida overgrowth, improve her digestive function and optimise her foods and lifestyle, it took just 90-days of support for Barbara to reach her desired level of health. She reported much better energy levels, was able to sleep through the night without waking for the first time in 8 years, she longer had migraines, felt slimmer and less bloated, and was no longer experiencing itching sensations or the burning in her arms and legs. What’s more, Barbara’s friends and family were commenting on how good she looked! Armed with the knowledge she gained during her 90-day programme, she’s been able to maintain her vitality long after her support programme was completed. Indeed, one year after Barbara had finished her 90-Day support package she sent the following email: “I am now in my late 70’s but feel much younger and able at last to enjoy a more energetic lifestyle and go walking regularly. Family and friends have all noted how much better I look. “After all these years of slow painful decline and concern it is so gratifying to feel back in the control seat and feel and look better.I am still progressing well with careful diet control and my energy levels are good with sleep pattern much improved. I wish you a Happy Christmas and good consulting in 2014”. I am extremely grateful to Jack, Dave and the team for their advice, help and encouragement.”

Heather [name changed to protect confidentiality]

Heather, a lovely 56-year old lady came to us seeking help because she was experiencing some very bothersome symptoms. Her major complaints were halitosis (bad breath), body odor, low energy, sleepiness following meals, feeling shaky if she didn’t eat on time, bloating, Constipation and compact, hard stools, gas, belching following meals, abdominal pain and stomach gurgles. Heather’s bad breath and body odor were her most worrisome and embarrassing symptoms. Jack encouraged her to run a home stool test, which yielded some very basic, yet highly significant results. Heather was loaded with a fungal overgrowth in her digestive system. She had a parasite. All credit to Heather, for she went about changing her diet and lifestyle according to our recommendations very quickly. She removed high sugar foods, began eating smaller meals more frequently and added high quality protein and fat to her daily regimen. Heather also worked through an herbal supplement protocol to deal with her fungal overgrowth and parasite infestation, using specific herbal products a very precise dosage for two months. Her results were impressive, to say the least, and it was great to see her begin to thrive after such a long period of time struggling with her symptoms. Her halitosis improved enormously, as did her body odour. Her energy levels increased and she felt much more energized after meals. Her shakiness and weak feelings all but disappeared on her new eating regimen and her bloating, belching, constipation and gas disappeared. All in all, it was a tremendous improvement, yet unsurprising when we consider the role of digestion in overall health. A gut that’s very slow and constipated can’t rid itself of waste products (poop!) Undigested food that’s not being eliminated builds-up, ferments and putrefies, causing changes in microbes and encouraging bad bugs to take over. Fungi thrive, causing bloating and gas, and because all that crap (literally) isn’t exiting the body, everything can begin to smell. This is how many folk – including Heather – develop bad breath and body odour, as well as uncomfortable digestive symptoms. Thankfully, the solution is at hand: consider nutrition and lifestyle, then run a home stool test to see what’s going on and deal with the results as they come. Remove bad bugs and restore proper digestive function. The symptoms melt away.

Paul Gallagher, Yorkshire, UK.

Paul, aged 60, came to us complaining about a whole gamut of different symptoms relating to his energy levels, skin, mood, digestion, blood pressure and weight changes. For almost fifteen years, Paul had been plagued with fatigue, anxiety, acne rosacea, fungal nails, gas and bloating, constipation, arthritis in his wrist, frequent cold and flu-like symptoms, high blood pressure and unexplained weight changes. Unsurprisingly, Paul’s symptoms were affecting his quality of life, preventing him from doing many of the things he enjoys. He decided to do a comprehensive stool test to check which “bad bugs” might be lurking deep within his intestines and to find out whether he was digesting his food properly.The stool test indicated that he was harbouring H. pylori, a strong yeast and fungal overgrowth and a parasite. He also had low digestive enzyme levels and was not digesting fat effectively. We began by helping Paul alter his food intake and eating habits to provide a solid foundation for his rejuvenation. He then followed an indiviualised supplement protocol to deal with his H. pylori, yeast/fungi and parasite. After just 90-days, in Paul’s words, these were the results” my energy level has greatly improved, I have no anxiety to speak of, my acne rosacea has gone (it comes back occasionally on nose when I drink alcohol, my gas, bloating and constipation have all improved, I’ve had no cold or flu-like symptoms of late, my blood pressure has come down and my weight has stabilized and normalized. In fact, 9 out of 12 (80%) of Paul’s symptoms had improved significantly and as a result, his quality of life had obviously skyrocketed.

Abbi Coleman, London.

testimonial422-year old Abbi contacted us because she was struggling with a host of unpleasant symptoms that had been worrying her for more than 18 months. She stated: “I am a 22 year old Australian girl living away from home in London. After months of travel, I was suffering with many different symptoms that were effecting my everyday life.” Abbi had no joy in trying to get to the bottom of her symptoms with her doctor, but after listening to the story of how her symptoms came about, we were absolutely sure we could help. Following four months of diligent work, the vast majority of her symptoms had gone, which was a truly remarkable turnaround. Abbi’s long list of symptoms included constipation, belching, feeling excessively hungry and thirsty, bad breath, dermatitis, energy dips – especially at around 3-4pm, broken sleep, headaches, asthma, weight gain and double vision. We reassured Abbi that her symptoms were likely to be from a combination of bad stuff being in her body (foods, bugs and toxins) and good stuff that’d gone missing (nutrients, good bugs and hormones). Abbi set about changing her foods and eating habits under the guidance of Hompes Method practitioner, Jack Walton. This began to help immediately. She also ran a stool test that detected H. pylori and a parasite. Abbi didn’t want to use antibiotics, so she followed specific herbal cleanses to act against the bad bugs, beginning with H. pylori. Jack also recommended Abbi support her digestive processes to make sure she was extracting nutrients from her food, and she implemented a more sensible eating strategy around her work commitments and exercise regimen. By removing bad foods from her diet, bad bugs from her digestive system and by replacing good foods and good bugs (using specific probiotic supplements), Abbi was able to achieve the following results: complete normalisation of bowel movements, no belching, no more thirst and hunger, no more embarrassing bad breath, reduced dermatitis, improved energy levels with no dips at 3pm, vastly improved sleep, complete cessation of headaches and asthma, and 4kilograms of healthy weight loss. Here’s what she had to say: “Once I was diagnosed with H-Pylori, it seemed I had a long road ahead. There was a lot of work that needed to be done in order for myself to get healthy again. It wasn’t something easy to begin with as it was a big change in lifestyle. However Jack helped me on a weekly basis using his thorough knowledge of functional medicine and thankfully we started to get my body on track again! He guided me to get my body at its optimal state, which I can say feels fantastic.”

Diane McVicker

Diane from Davis, California contacted us because she was experiencing indigestion, abdominal bloating and gallbladder problems. She was also struggling with arthritic pain in several joints. Working with Hompes Method Practitioner Chris Salmon, Diane decided to run a comprehensive stool test, which revealed a strong Candida overgrowth. Importantly, Diane’s test also showed that she was not digesting protein and fat and that her pancreatic enzyme levels were low. Her sIgA level was high, indicating that her gut immune system was actively fighting something, most likely the Candida. Chris designed a series of 30-day rejuvenation protocols, which Diane followed to the tee. Four months later, her indigestion and bloating are completely gone. She has higher energy levels throughout the day, with a more positive outlook. To her surprise, in in her words, “an unexpected blessing”, Diane’s joint pain has also greatly improved.

Jane Clarke

testimonial3“It is with great appreciation, that Meghan and I, say thank you to Jack and the Hompes Method program!” Jane (54 years young) pictured here with her daughter, Megan, was struggling with a whole plethora of symptoms, including
acid reflux, abdominal pain, belching, cravings and excess hunger, occasional constipation, mucus in her throat (post nasal drip), mild hay fever, a loss of sex drive and osteopaenia loss of bone density). Jane had already run a stool test with her doctor to check her digestive health. The test had revealed H. pylori and strong yeast and fungal overgrowth (Candida). She says, “I found out I had H. pylori quite by accident, and it was an ugly shock. What had started the journey that led to uncovering the H. pylori and a Candida overgrowth was my osteopenia.” A faulty gut can cause gradual bone problems because amino acids and minerals needed for optimal bone formation may not be transported into the body properly).“When the test results came in, the doctor called me and said we should talk. She then explained that the H. pylori and the yeast overgrowth were things I should take seriously and “wished me luck”. I really became alarmed when I read about all the effects in my body that the H. pylori could cause, including osteopenia. Since I had the Candida overgrowth, there was no way I would consider antibiotic treatment for the H. pylori. I’ve always tried to limit any drug use anyway, but between the yeast and the huge amount of antibiotics recommended and the lack of good results, I began searching for another option. That was when I found Dave Hompes’ videos online and began watching them. I ordered his book, and read that. From the beginning I felt very hopeful and trusted that was the route to go.” Jane began her journey back to optimal wellness and vitality by adjusting her food intake, under the weekly guidance of her Hompes Method coach, Jack Walton.“The weekly phone calls were an anchor and helped to reassure us that we would be able to deal with this. I was quite alarmed at the beginning; but through conversation with Jack, was able to put my body’s health in a better perspective, and deal with the H. pylori and yeast as only part of a larger issue and goal. That lowered if not eliminated the stress of having the H. pylori and yeast. I gained confidence in dealing with and in trusting that I could influence my body’s health.” Working for just 90-days on specific protocols to remove her bad bugs, improve digestion and immune function, Jane reported the following improvements to her symptoms: Zero acid reflux, no digestive symptom complaints, regular bowel movements for first time in years, complete elimination of mucus in the morning and no cravings and excess hunger. When we ran her stool re-test in August 2013, Jane was delighted to find that her H. pylori and fungal overgrowth had gone. The single key step was to take the plunge and get a stool test done. Without that test, our man Jack simply wouldn’t have been able to recommend the appropriate recovery plan. It’s credit to Jane’s doctor that the stool test was run in the first place, but just wishing Jane luck with her H. pylori and fungal overgrowth wasn’t especially helpful. We take pride in our skills in managing these situations for concerned and symptomatic clients and, as you have seen, Jack was able to help both these lovely ladies make huge strides in their health.

Megan Stewart

testimonial3Megan, pictured here with her Mum, had been struggling for 18 years with more than a dozen unpleasant and seemingly random symptoms that seemed to develop following a vaccine she’d had when she was just eleven years old. After working with us for five months, Megan’s health was truly transformed, culminating in her falling pregnant! Megan’s initial symptoms were: A low body temperature, sneezing and a runny nose after certain foods, chest pain that seemed to increase with stress, irregular bowel movements, low appetite, strange weight loss and gain throughout the year, asthma (developed two years previous), a skin condition (eczema since two years of age). Megan was also experiencing PMS symptoms, including mood swings, cyclical bloating and pain in her legs due to water retention. This was no way for any human being to be feeling, let alone a 28 year old in the prime of her life. Megan was very concerned about improving her hormonal health before attempting to start a family. Hompes Method practitioner Jack Walton coached Megan to alter her eating and lifestyle habits. She removed bad foods, replaced them with good foods, ate at more frequent intervals and was careful to get to bed on time to get her circadian rhythm and hormones in better balance. We then added some functional lab testing. Megan’s initial stool test revealed H. pylori, which was likely causing her chest pain and digestive symptoms. A simple finger prick blood test for thyroid function revealed that her thyroid gland was not making adequate hormones (hence her cold temperature). Megan followed protocols to address her H. pylori and thyroid imbalances, in addition to taking care over her nutrition and lifestyle habits. During and following her five-month programme, Megan noticed improvements in the following areas: No sneezing or runny nose, completely normal and pain-free bowel movements and digestion, complete elimination of chest pain, improved appetite and higher calorie intake (important for rejuvenating thyroid function), feeling less stressed and more robust to deal with her job workload and improved body temperature. A subsequent test showed that H. pylori had successfully been cleared from Megan’s stomach. Megan’s “PMS” symptoms improved to the point where she only had a little mild bloating and, to our great joy and hers, following the Megan fell pregnant shortly after completing her programme. The process was simple: remove bad stuff from Megan’s body and replace it with the necessary good stuff needed to optimize function. We didn’t quite manage to make inroads into Megan’s asthma and eczema – this probably needed some more in depth work. But was Megan complaining? No – she worked hard, followed the programme step-by-step and achieved some wonderful improvements.

Carol Morgan

58-year old Carol, from the U.K. was feeling very unwell, but amazingly she was able to turn her health around in just 60-days. It all started when Carol contacted us experiencing the following symptoms: Digestive discomfort, even when she drunk plain old water, fatigue, poor quality sleep (which was one reason she likely felt tired), muscle and joint pain, nausea, mood swings, feeling tearful and crying at the TV ads! Carol’s initial stool test revealed that she had an awful lot of “trouble” in her digestive system – H. pylori, Blastocystis hominis and Cryptosporidium. It was no surprise that Carol felt unwell with these three major nuisance-causing bad bugs living in her digestive tract. On top of the bad bugs, Carol was not digesting fats and oils very well when she ate them. It’s no wonder her digestive system had become so sensitive. Working through the Hompes Method healthy eating and lifestyle recommendations, Carol was able to begin seeing some improvements in her symptoms. By the time she had followed a supplement protocol to help clear her H. pylori, and a separate protocol to help lesson her gut parasite burden, she felt like a new person. Carol’s retest showed see that her H. pylori, Blastocystis and Cryptosporidium had all gone. A combination of simple, yet powerful nutrition and lifestyle changes, along with the stool test, helped her achieve her desired outcome. Carol did an outstanding job in following our nutrition recommendations, and an even better job in sticking to her guns with the supplement protocols. Her reward was a truly life-changing improvement, and freedom from a bunch annoying and debilitating symptoms. It’s not uncommon for people to react with skepticism when I speak of the results people like Carol achieve, especially when doctors have been unable to help. When our clients take the time to consider their lifestyle, we see life-changing results all the time. The first step in most cases is to take the plunge and get a stool test done so we can see exactly what’s going on in your digestive system. Here’s what Carol had to say after her life-changing journey. Your gut can affect your energy, mood, skin and sleep. When it’s not working properly it can also lead to achiness and pains in your body. I left it 4 years before I got tested, and it’s something I regret. We understand why you might be skeptical, just like Carol was, but it’s a risk free option for you – if the test doesn’t find anything, we refund our clients every cent or penny. Here’s what Carol had to say about her progress: “In early 2012 I was afraid to eat or even have a glass of water because of constant burping. I also had low energy, pain in the gut, feeling sick, wind, mood swings, often felt tearful and had poor quality sleep. In just a few months of working with Jack these symptoms were gone. We ran stool tests and other tests to eradicate several digestive infections, balance nutritional status and improve energy production. One year later I feel symptom free and to think that initially I was concerned I might be wasting my time and money (I am naturally suspicious by nature)! Jack has put me my life back on track and you can’t put a price on that.”

Marcelino Tusel

Marcelino, an ex-professional cyclist from Barcelona in Spain (or Catalunya, to be precise) contacted us because for the last eight years he’d been struggling with heartburn and acid reflux, nausea, bloating and gas, belching after meals, alternating diarrhea and constipation, weakness and low energy levels, poor quality sleep, anxiety and depression and sweet cravings. He was also having a hard time gaining muscle mass. He said: “I had visited every doctor in my city and they just told me that I had some “genetic” tendency to have acid reflux and problems related, which to me was really lacking of sense. “It all started because I was racing cycling at a professional level, and with the losing weight goal in mind, I started to care less about my nutrition. So I lost a lot of weight without any professional help or balanced diet. I just did it reducing the calories that I was putting into my body. Very bad decision. So with the extreme effort in my racing days and the poor diet that I was following I think I got really weak and I started to get all kinds of illness that I’ve never had before. And I think that I was so weak that I even got the H. Pylori with some food poisoning traveling to Latin America. I went to a great seafood restaurant, and I got food poisoned. After that I never really recovered. My body was so weak that the bugs stayed inside and everything went worst since that day. That was the moment that I looked for help and I was very lucky to find Dave Hompes and his team.” Fortunately, with his diligence and willingness to take control of his health, Marcelino was able to overcome all these symptoms. Because Marcelino hadn’t been able to find anyone to actually take the time to test why he may not be feeling well, he took the plunge and ordered a comprehensive stool test from us, which revealed he had H. pylori, a Candida overgrowth and a pinworm infestation (Enterobius vermicularis). Another important finding from Marcelino’s stool test was an elevated level of lactoferrin, which happens because of intestinal inflammation. Finally, Marcelino was not digesting his dietary fat properly, indicating that his pancreas and gallbladder needed support. On receiving these results, Marcelino began working with Jack, one of my Hompes Method Master Practitioners. As a team, they worked on removing bad foods from his diet and consuming more good foods, in the right proportions for his individual needs. He added herbal cleanses to fight the H. pylori and Candida overgrowth, and used antibiotics from his doctor to kill the pinworm. Marcelino says: “I followed everything that Jack told me to do. Doing a small change every week. I started to cook my own food and stop eating a lot of junk food that I used to eat a lot in the street before. I now understand the importance of the food that we put into our system. Jack was very supportive all the time and had a lot of patience with me, which I tremendously appreciate. I was informing every problem or situation that I had and how I was feeling and he used to respond me very fast to see what was the best thing that we could do in order to keep achieving our goals. I started to feel with more energy & I recovered my natural sleep cycle. I think that from that moment I started to see most important changes in my health overall status. Overall I feel much more healthy, with more energy, and I pretty much have a normal life now. There is no magic pill. Is a important change that we have to make to our eating habits and approach to diseases. And poor diet is the root of most of the diseases right now. We have empty nutrient, vitamin and mineral bodies trying to fight disease but without any strength. I think this is the future of the medicine. This is modern medicine.” As natural health care practitioners, it frustrates us that patients – perhaps folk just like you – are sent from pillar to post in the medical system without getting answers. Proper testing is rarely done, and hardly any doctors teach you how to eat for optimum health, yet these are the two most important pieces in the jigsaw for helping you get and stay well! Marcelino had felt unwell for some 8 years; I (Dave) waited 4 years before I took the plunge and ran a stool test for myself. It’s crazy to wait that long when the testing technology is at your fingertips and you don’t even need to leave the privacy of your own home to do it.

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