Digestive Health Module – Sample Lessons

Digestive Health Module – Sample Lessons


As you scroll down this page, you’ll find a number of free lessons that I’ve handpicked from the 2014 Hompes Method Level II Functional Medicine Training programme.

You can either watch the video presentations, or download the MP3 audios (or both!)

In the first set of free lessons, we’ll look at some of the factors affecting digestive health. Trust me, you can grow an enormously successful functional medicine practice based on helping people with digestive health alone. Heck, I was able to grow my business based on H. pylori alone!

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FREE DIGESTIVE MODULE LESSON #1 – Intestinal Parasites

Since having H. pylori and Blastocystis hominis, parasites have represented one of my favourite topics in health and functional medicine! Nearly all our clients have parasites, or other digestive infections as identified by stool and organic acids testing. This presentation teaches you how parasites can cause symptoms all over the body, as well as introducing you to some of the main bad bugs such as Giardia, Blastocystis hominis, Cryptosporidium and various worms.

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FREE DIGESTIVE MODULE LESSON #2 – Removing “Bad Bugs” from the Digestive System

Most doctors prescribe antibiotics for “bad bugs”, but antibiotics can cause a lot of problems. In this lesson I introduce you to some practical ways to help your clients and patients safely eliminate bad bugs from their digestive system. Always remember that removing bad bugs is only one small part of healing the digestive system – as I show you in the Hompes Method training programme, repairing the gut lining, optimising the digestive process, supporting the immune system and reinoculating good bacteria are also critically important components!

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